"A Bridge Divided" a D&D 3rd edtition campaign

Dio Elaclaire
Alliance is towards his sister
looks 19 years old
unknown religion
Human Male
Primary Weapon
unknown class
5'8" (154cm)
Secondary Weapon
120 lbs
Pale light gray hair
Protective Gear
pale blue eyes
White Robes and neck clasp
Dio has stated that his older sister made him search the Talocian mountains for a Spear. He said he's not allowed to ride horses, drink beer, or even socialize because his older Sister told him he wasn't allowed to.
- Character Notes -
Joining and leaving the party at his whim he usually stands to the back of the group only fighting to defend himself. When asked what he is doing he states that he has been wondering the Talocian mountains searching for a spear of the old design, in a manner that hints that he is treating this as a chore that needs to be completed. A chance joining of the group a second time brought him to a celebration where he drank alcohol for the first time, and he liked it. Recently during a battle with Orcs Dio seemed excited by a cave he found but was angered when he found nothing inside, taking his anger out upon Lita thinking that she took something from him. Dio appeared later at Brandywine to join the PCs again since he failed his sister by not aquiring the Spear. When he found out that Shageon and Vichorn used Automail, which he didn't like because it poluted the flow of magic, he sought them out to find who was their boss who was behind this Automail. He plunged his arm into them both to make them 'his' so they would tell him all but, to his surprise, there was an adverse reaction to what he did. After his confrontation with Vichorn he was impailed with a Wyvern's poisonous tail and dropped off the tower, however his body was never found.

Dio is on the search for something but his mind has been lost. Ever since he went back to his sister with the unfortunite news of his inablility to retrieve the Spear he has since wandered the landscape looking for it. All he does now is scratch runes on the wall until he remembers while living in a near catatonic state. Jonis has since held his hand leading him along with the Party and told them Dio's Story:
Dio was born in the city of Lo'co'wen' over five thousand years ago living a hard life in the city by himself. One night Delphine came into the city for the first time and felt like streching her 'wings' to test some of her powers. Over night everyone in the city, over two million people, died except for one. As she stood over Dio who was trembling from the cold on the street but as his eyes met hers he had no fear of her. The only human to not have any fear of her even after seeing what she has been doing. She felt compasion for Dio and made him her first sibling by 'giving' him the power, souls, and memories of everyone who used to live in Lo'co'wen. Dio was her favorite sibling even after she created more. Delphine praised Dio and gave him everything that he ever desired because of everything that he did for his Sister, that was until Delphine created HIM from a fallen vampire paladin. Delphine gave her new General her favorite pet to play with. Dio had always wanted to be the one to ride it but Delphine said that her general must have a steed even if he has no will of his own. So against Delphine's wishes Dio tested her new general's powers by dualing him and was punished for doing so. Dio wanted to prove himself to his his sister and when he was able to leave again he set out to find her a present. He learned everything about The Spear of Destiny including its history and powers then went to search for it. Entering the Tomb where The Spear of Destiny lie he found nothing and took his rage out on Lita. Since he was unable to locate the Spear and left without permission, Delphine punished her 'Little Angel' once again.

Being left alone with Jonis after the Party went to search around for any sign of Micheal's men Dio had a shudder go across his back and he decided to leave. Feeling to pull of the Gate inside of Micheal's Castle Dio 'asked' a few of Micheal's troops to let him inside. After doing his thing to their bodys their eyes glazed over with a black oil and they were under Dio's control. He used them to gain entery so he could activate the Gate by himself. After the two second ride that brought them over six hundred miles (as the bird flies) to a Crimson Knight camp. Dio found who he was looking for the only man in existance who would have a greater desire to locate the 'Spear of Destiny' , the man that now goes by the name of Sebastian. Dio wanted to know everything that he knew and wanted a new pet of his own so he charged at Sebastian. Stabbing Sebastian deep in his chest with Dio's knife was just for spite then like so many times before he put all of his energy into his hand so he could plunge it in and take over Sebastian's soul. However all his hand could do was hit Sebastian's well worked abs and nothing else. This surprised and scarred Dio so he tried multiple times to do that until Sebastian got annoyed and threw him like a football down on a table knocking Dio out. Violet watched over Dio as a personal favor to Cade and she helped him as best as she could. When Dio awoke he either didn't remember or didn't want to talk about what happened recently including his attack on Sebastian (which Dio made no further attempts against Sebastian). However he choose to join the Pary especially Myr and Cade who traveled along with the Crimson Knights to their next destination before going to Miragon. For some reason Dio was not able to put his full heart into the confrontations and took a more back seat ride. Over time memory fades and Dio was just trying to keep a hold of those last fleeting memories of her.

When the 'Defiance' came to dock in Miragon Dio had this strange feeling the whole time and since the Party wasn't playing nice he decided to investigate. The night of the ball he found what he had been feeling all along his youngest brother Lucian was captured in an anti-magic orb so Dio let him out. He didn't really care about Lucian's actions until he went after the one person who took care of him when both his body and mind were damaged, Violet. Dio had to stop this and he was easily able to do so. Lucian couldn't seem to understand that Dio only wanted a few of them to be left alive and thought that he wanted to protect them all. Lucian was fine in his ways until he threatened the Party, who was being a little rude to Dio at the moment but gave him some enjoyable memories back when he first met them. Without feeling Dio called upon his inner power to darken the skies and the streets so he could form shadows around his little brother then skewed him with a dozen spears of dark energy. He had never done this before and always wanted to try it so Dio focused the energy in his hand and plunged it deep into Lucian's body and soul. Dio could hear the cries of all of the people from Lucian's town and set himself upon a path of destruction until no more voices could be heard. With that Lucian's eyes turned milky white as he died so Dio opened up a portal to keep his brother. Myr ask, "That must of been hard for you to kill your brother."
"No It wasn't."
However in the depths of his heart Dio knew that he would be punished for using his gifts against one of his siblings. He was scared at what Delphine would do to him when he comes back to her.